Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Animal Totems...

I am going to go over the different types of animal totems that go in and out of my life and why.

SHADOW ANIMAL TOTEM:  It tests me. I have been attracted to this animal at some point.  It gives me a very vivid test to see if I am ready to accept the power of the animal totem.  Until I face the fears of the animal totem, its powers will work against me.  When I overcome the fear of the shadow animal totem, I bring it into the light world as a spirit animal totem, and it becomes one of my most powerful animal totems.  My goal with a shadow animal totem is to learn the lessons and incorporate them into my life.   If I am scared by something over and over then I still have not accepted the lesson that totem animal has for me.

       Cat/Leopard:  It has strong intuitive abilities.    Learning to trust and respond to their inner instinct is part of my life lesson.   It is highly sensitive.  I need to pay attention to what it feels and respond accordingly.  It has difficulty confronting conflict head on. Although it has a strong body it needs to learn how to release pent up anger.  Frustrations and other emotions, or physical health issues related to its limbs or skeleton occur.  When leopard energy is kept in and not let out, arthritic type symptoms incur.   I should do cat-like movement like dance or tai-chi. It is associated with myth, lore, magic, mystery, nine lives, curiosity, independence, cleverness, unpredictability, and healing.  It is at home in the dark, and an ally to the supernatural.  Since I have this totem, I should move through my fears efficiently.  The energy field of a cat rotates counterclockwise, the opposite of human energy.  It has the ability to absorb and neutralize energy that affects humans in a negative way, x-ray vision, acute hearing, and high intelligence. It is a guardian and protector and can ward off evil.  If a cat appears in my life, there is a blending of magic and mystery.  It is a trustworthy teacher and guides in self-discovery and transformation.

This totem tends to come in and out of my life when I am in need of self-discovery and change.
JOURNEY ANIMAL TOTEM:  It reflects a period of time, the time it takes to walk the path the journey animal totem is reminding or guiding me on.  During this journey I will find out that this animal is always showing up in my life (or several animals) all to guide me on the path.  When I find 1, 2 or 3 animals all of a sudden making an appearance, and their nature all has the same basis, then I have found the basis of my path.  Journey animal will slip in and out of my life over the course of a period. 

     Chipmunk:  It shows trust, is very curious, explores, is inquisitive, fearless, playful, does what it wants in its own time frame, is quite vocal, draws attention, will not tolerate being told what to do and when to do it, and is a good leader and spokesperson. When it is 12 wks old it can be on its own. As a person with this totem, my cycles occur every 12 wks or mos, I am always in a hurry, and I have no detail that goes unnoticed. This totem teaches art of observation, independence, certainty, leads me to unexplored territory, and a detailed mind leaves no stone unturned.  This totem is a messenger of many realms and of self-discovery.

      Squirrels: They are busy, with endless energy, focused on one task, agile, quick, constantly preparing for the future, having the tendency to forget where they store things. This totem is a reminder to slow down, pay attention, be more sociable, more communicative, more vocal in work and play, to disturb the silence, and to have an air of distraction and chaos.  Since I am disturbed by their chatter, then I need to speak clearly and effectively or to go within and be still, reserve my energy, ready myself for change, trust myself, let down my defenses, trust in God, and remember that I will be taken care of.  There should be a balance within the circle of gathering and giving out.

These totems tends to enter my life when I need guidance on a journey or path that I am taking in my life.

LIFE LONG ANIMAL TOTEM:  This animal totem works with me throughout my entire life.  It is always there when I need its powers, always reminding me of my powers and connectivity, and it is always there for me.  It reflects my inner spiritual nature.  It is also called my spiritual totem.

    Wolverine/Wolf:  It is fierce, strong, and a link between our world and the spirit world. Its energy is linked to the underworld and myth. It is born very small and blind.  Smell, feeling and inner sight awakens at a very early age.  It is  insightful and intuitive since birth. It responds to challenges with clarity, focus and persistence, with a deep understanding of personal power. Since it is my animal totem, I ask myself, is personal power serving me appropriately?  It balances personal power. It has a crafty cunning nature with perseverance and focus that keeps it aligned with energies of creation, knows when to act, when to retreat, how to respond and when to become invisible. These are also inherent in myself, the person who holds the animal totem.  A shape-shifter, a scavenger, a not-so-good hunter, can make do with whatever is available, a symbol of the wilderness, a survivor of the elements, a provider of fur for parka and hoods because it is very durable, a solitary creature, with tremendous physical endurance, that rarely attacks any predator larger than itself and only when food is needed. Because I have that animal totem, I go the distance and acquire that which I seek.  When this is fully developed, I can survive any situation.  Because of shape-shifting, it does not just involve the physical realm.  It involves challenges associated with mental clarity, emotional balance and spiritual understanding.  A master teacher with a great variety of skills would tell me that to take a serious look at my life and change anything that does not utilize my personal power for the good of myself and others.

Although this totem is always present, I will notice it in my life when I need focus, clarity, and to know that I'm using my personal power for the good of others and myself.

MESSAGE ANIMAL TOTEM: This is usually bringing me a self-growth spiritual message or a cautionary message, a wake-up call or a slap in the face.  It is usually a very unusual experience, very powerful and impartial, a brief period of time or immediate, causing a delay in my life.  When trying to leave, it is in assistance to go somewhere, or to assure I am not in a place at a certain time so as to be somewhere else or to miss something that would be of harm.

   Cardinal: This is a power-packed bird. It transforms and awakens me. Its eggs are laid by the female which hatch in 12 days.  It is a year round resident. Since it is my animal totem, I expect rhythmic change to occur every 12 d, 12wks, 12 mos, etc.  I use its medicine when needed.  When I hear its sharp loud whistle that penetrates the air demanding my attention, both male and female, this whistle is urging me to blend my male and female characteristics.  The feminine energy is intuition, and the male energy is perseverance.   With both balanced, I can reach my dreams and goals. The cardinal eats decaying plants and dying insects, so I pay attention to my diet; past life ties to overindulgence or poisonings.  Red is symbolic of the blood or life force of Jesus Christ, or kundalini; it lies dormant until activated by a disciplined spiritual practice.  The cardinal offers safe passage into the world of personal power if I ask for its help.  When I step onto this spiritual path, there is no turning back.  There is either a deep love or hatred toward religion and churches amongst this animal totem people, indicating a past life connection with one.   I must express my truth, develop confidence and walk my talk; it will lead me Home if I respect its teachings.

    Ladybug:  There are several generations produced each summer.  They hold energies of renewal and regeneration.  They are a family oriented with strong moral and social values.  They are beetles dedicated to the Virgin Mary, spiritual idealism and religious devotion.   Past lives are associated with religion or the church with this totem.  Daily prayer or meditation is recommended to release my worry and enjoy my life to the fullest; let go and let God. Ladybugs often have parasites, so with this totem, I often have digestive problems.  The ladybug stirs a feeling of joy. They have a delicate and loving nature, an energy of harmlessness, are protected from predators, feel vibrations, are fearless messengers of promise, and joys of living.  As my animal totem, I should release my fears and return to love, restore my faith and trust in God, initiate change where needed most, and get out of my own way and allow God to enter.

These totems come in and out of my life when I need spiritual self-growth, to restore my faith and trust in God and make the necessary changes.  Sometimes I need to redevelop my confidence in myself.  Also, I sometimes need to get out of my own way to allow God to enter. This is the time to let go and let God. 

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