Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Can I Become Even More Psychic Than I Already Am?...How?

Spirituality in and of itself differs from ones religion. One can be Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, or any other faith, but separate from that one's own spirit is searching for the truth. So it doesn't really matter about the faith because it goes beyond the dogma or the teachings of the particular church. We can be any faith, religion, denomination--these are human-made decrees, doctrines, and rules. We choose to follow, or believe in these. Therefore, they are just pathways, and anyone we choose will lead to God. Each religion has a messenger or prophet, tells us to love our God, love others, and you will go to your "heaven."

To grow spiritually, we must learn to know ourselves. To learn this, the best way to do this is to spend time with others helping them. Giving of ourselves, opens ourselves up to others thereby opening ourselves up to our own self. We learn to be less self centered by helping others. We see prejudices, and learn not to have them toward others just by being open to people--see others as equals. We use this life on earth as a workshop learning to love others, so that when we go home to God, it will be that much easier to love Him. We will learn how impatient people are on this planet, so we will learn patience. We will learn honesty, justice, righteousness, and tolerance. We learn this because we are subjected to it and must learn to grow.

As we take care of God's creations and God's creatures, He takes care of us. And all though life will not always be all joy and happiness all the time, we will have the ability to cope with disappointments and sadness or being let down. This is because we have been subjected to it all. Had we not allowed ourselves to be subjected to this all, and only selfishly cared for ourselves, never interacting with others and helping anyone else, how could we learn from that?

When we think about worry, sometimes it can be futile. What I mean is, worry without action is nothing but damaging. We certainly don't want to waste our time agonizing over scenarios that may never occur. Of course, if we take action when we are faced with actual challenges that can be tackled, that is productive. Can you see the difference here? I hope so. It is so important that you understand this because this will decide how your spirituality is developed, and from there, your psychic abilities.

Today, I had an issue with my lip being numb. Now I already have my date scheduled for my shoulder replacement surgery, but today was a specifically painful day, and my lip was numb. I kept talking about it, but never did anything about it. What I should have done was make an appointment with my doctor to make sure that it was indeed related to the nerves in my shoulder, etc., and if it wasn't at least the doctor could do a full work up. Instead, I carried on about the pain and numbness all day and did nothing about it. Some people claim that what they don't know can't hurt them. Well, if that really is true, why say so in the first place. Of course, because you are stewing over it, rather than facing it head-on...

Sylvia Browne believes that once you know you, all your psychic channels open up. "Psychic" according to the dictionary is "the power of discernment." It is the ability to see, hear, sense, feel or know without any tangible clues. Other words that may be used are intuition, hunch, or remembering. Whatever you call it, it is a gift from God. A person becomes more helpful and more giving and more outgoing. Therefore, they are more spiritual. With that increased spirituality, the ability to sense and know comes with it naturally.

Not everyone is good at being a "people person" or outgoing. So if you are shy or introverted, then start out by connecting with one kind person. It is usually good to start with an older person or a child. Then, start asking yourself questions. If you don't feel comfortable asking questions out loud, then put them in a journal. Trust your first impressions. Try these categories: Career, Family, Finances, Health, Loved Ones Who Have Passed Over, Negative People, Relationships, Social Life, Spirituality. When you feel that sense of brightness, this means your psychic sense has been activated. Try to take it further by asking, "who does this message pertain to?" Make sure you write down your answers. Is the person short, tall; from the past, present; does it feel immediate or further away?

This is an easy way to start by exercising the muscles in the limbic brain. Some believe this is the actual location of the third eye. It is located on the right side of our head just above our ear. It is also called the dead zone. Although technically it is not dead, it lies dormant until we stimulate it, or open the door if you will. We use it all the time when we ask someone, "what's on your mind? You're not yourself today." We may have noticed at that very moment we say her that she was down or depressed. She then tells you that she has a terrible headache or had a fight with her spouse. Some may say that it is just picking up on body language, but why are some of us able to do this over the phone with just the word "hello"?

What prevents people from using their psychic senses more often? Well, there is the fear of being wrong. Remember that what someone says no to now might turn out to be true later on. If you get a "hit" stick with it. You can always run the risk of being mistaken. Only God is always right. Follow your instincts. Practice makes perfect.

Also, when you are doing a reading, if you get a negative feeling, try to help the person concerned--don't just let your intuition lie dormant because of fear. Don't read for people who are close to you because you'll become too emotionally involved and won't won't be able to be objective. Look at the person neutrally. And a note of caution--whenever you take, you must also give back in comparable measure.

"I am the Divine source, a unique spark from the Divine sparkler."

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